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Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D) Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
SP/TF/3000 22mm x 22mm x 8mm SP/TF/3110 100mm x 100mm x 6.35mm
NP/EF/3005 25mm x 25mm x 18mm SP/TF/3115 100mm x 100mm x 12.7mm
SP/TF/3010 35mm x 35mm x 4mm SP/TF/3120 100mm x 100mm x 25.4mm
SP/TF/3015 35mm x 35mm x 8mm SP/TF/3125 100mm x 100mm x 40mm
NB/SM/3020 35mm x 35mm x 10mmNU/NN/3121110mm x 110mm x 71mm
SP/TF/3025 35mm x 35mm x 12.5mmNU/NN/3122112mm x 112mm x 30mm
SP/TF/3030 35mm x 35mm x 25.4mmNU/NN/3123113mm x 113mm x 47mm
OF/HS/303136mm x 36mm x 20mmNU/NN/3124113mm x 113mm x 72mm
FV/SP/3035 40mm x 40mm x 13mmNU/NN/3126116mm x 116mm x 69mm
NJ/EM/303640mm x 40mm x 16mmNU/NN/3127116mm x 116mm x 80mm
NJ/EM/303740mm x 40mm x 20mmNU/NN/3128116mm x 116mm x 101mm
SP/TF/3040 47mm x 47mm x 6.35mm SP/TF/3130 125mm x 125mm x 6.35mm
SP/TF/3045 47mm x 47mm x 19mm SP/TF/3135 125mm x 125mm x 12.7mm
NU/NN/304648mm x 48mm x 29mm SP/TF/3140 125mm x 125mm x 25.4mm
NU/NN/304755mm x 55mm x 37mm SP/TF/3145 125mm x 125mm x 40mm
SP/TF/3050 58mm x 58mm x 6mmNU/NN/3146 134mm x 134mm x 33mm
SP/TF/3055 58mm x 58mm x 12mmNU/NN/3147 134mm x 134mm x 49mm
SP/TF/3060 58mm x 58mm x 25mmNU/NN/3148 150mm x 150mm x 75mm
SP/TF/3065 58mm x 58mm x 40mm SP/TF/3150 160mm x 160mm x 6.35mm
NJ/EM/306660mm x 60mm x 20mm SP/TF/3155 160mm x 160mm x 12.7mm
SP/TF/3070 67mm x 67mm x 6.35mmNJ/EM/3156160mm x 150mm x 25mm
SP/TF/3075 67mm x 67mm x 12.7mm SP/TF/3160 160mm x 160mm x 25.4mm
SP/TF/3080 67mm x 67mm x 26mm SP/TF/3165 160mm x 160mm x 40mm
SP/TF/3085 67mm x 67mm x 40mm SP/TF/3170 200mm x 200mm x 6.35mm
NJ/EM/308680mm x 80mm x 20mm SP/TF/3175 200mm x 200mm x 12.7mm
NU/NN/308782mm x 82mm x 38mm SP/TF/3180 200mm x 200mm x 25.4mm
NU/NN/308882mm x 82mm x 46mm SP/TF/3185 200mm x 200mm x 40mm
SP/TF/3090 85mm x 85mm x 6.35mmQF/OO/3186235mm x 235mm x 70mm
SP/TF/3095 85mm x 85mm x 12.7mm SP/TF/3190 250mm x 250mm x 6.35mm
SP/TF/3100 85mm x 85mm x 25.4mm SP/TF/3195 250mm x 250mm x 12.7mm
SP/TF/3105 85mm x 85mm x 40mm SP/TF/3200 250mm x 250mm x 25.4mm
NU/NN/310696mm x 96mm x 69mm

Foam Inserts / VacFormed Inserts

We can also supply custom inserts for all boxes with profiled cavities made from a choice of different density foams from a range of colours or Vacformed plastic inserts also in various colours


Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
NP/EF/3005 25mm x 25mm x 18mm
CF/DL/3500 26mm x 26mm x 10mm
CF/DL/3505 34mm x 34mm x 13mm
CF/DL/3510 39mm x 39mm x 16mm
CF/DL/3515 51mm x 51mm x 19mm
CF/DL/3520 57mm x 57mm x 22mm
CF/DL/3525 76mm x 76mm x 30mm


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