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Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D) Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
OF/HS/249535mm x 35mm x 20mm
NP/EF/2500 42mm x 55mm x 20mmQF/OO/2623165mm x 130mm x 50mm
SP/TF/2505 52mm x 36mm x 5mmOF/HS/2622170mm x 120mm x 50mm
SP/TF/2510 55mm x 18mm x 25mmOF/HS/2623170mm x 125mm x 75mm
SP/TF/2515 69mm x 18mm x 7mmCS/BD/2623171mm x 106mm x 28mm
SP/TF/2520 69mm x 18mm x 25mmOF/HS/2624177mm x 51mm x 30mm
SP/TF/2525 69mm x 45mm x 26mmXF/ZQ/2625178mm x 133mm x 78mm
SP/TF/2530 69mm x 45mm x 41mmOF/HS/2627180mm x 100mm x 28mm
QF/OO/253170mm x 50mm x 25mmOF/HS/2628180mm x 105mm x 28mm
NB/SM/2535 72mm x 45mm x 28mmDQ/DG/2629185mm x 35mm x 110mm
NB/SM/2540 73mm x 51mm x 15mm VM/US/2625 185mm x 84mm x 32mmm
FV/SP/2545 76mm x 55mm x 18mmKP/IB/2626185mm x 97mm x 40mm
SP/TF/2550 82mm x 31mm x 11mm NP/EF/2630 190mm x 120mm x 90mm
SP/TF/2555 82mm x 31mm x 40mmQF/OO/2634194mm x 117mm x 60mm
OF/HS/255684mm x 66mm x 38mm FQ/MB/2635 196mm x 62mm x 28mm
QF/OO/2559 89mm x 57mm x 32mmQF/OO/2636197mm x 117mm x 73mm
NB/SM/2560 90mm x 65mm x 16mm NB/SM/2640 204mm x 134mm x 50mm
FV/SP/2565 93mm x 67mm x 18mmNJ/EM/2641 208mm x 30mm x 23mm
QF/OO/256695mm x 41mm x 28mmTB/OM/2304210mm x 57mm x 35mm
QF/OO/256698mm x 60mm x 25mm
TB/OM/2305210mm x 74mm x 44mm
FV/SP/2570 100mm x 60mm x 18mmQF/OO/2642213mm x 108mm x 70mm
QF/OO/2571102mm x 83mm x 25mm
QF/OO/2643213mm x 111mm x 70mm
SP/TF/2575 107mm x 53mm x 18mmQF/OO/2642216mm x 152mm x 70mm
SP/TF/2580 107mm x 53mm x 40mm MJ/DF/2643 218mm x 150mm x 40mm
NB/SM/2585 108mm x 82mm x 16mm FQ/MB/2545 219mm x 158mm x 41mm
FV/SP/2590 110mm x 85mm x 25mmXF/ZQ/2546221mm x 121mm x 55mm
OF/HS/2591113mm x 58mm x 36mmDQ/DG/2648225mm x 45mm x 135mm
OF/HS/2596115mm x 90mm x 45mm NB/SM/2650 225mm x 125mm x 65mm
QF/OO/2591117mm x 83mm x 44mm NB/SM/2655 229mm x 126mm x 21mm
TB/OM/2181118mm x 78mm x 27mm NB/SM/2660 229mm x 126mm x 41mm
KP/IB/2592123mm x 97mm x 20mmFV/SP/2665230mm x 130mm x 22mm
KP/IB/2593123mm x 97mm x 40mm FV/SP/2670 230mm x 130mm x 32mm
SP/TF/2595 126mm x 59mm x 22mm FV/SP/2675 230mm x 130mm x 42mm
SP/TF/2600 126mm x 59mm x 40mm FV/SP/2680 230mm x 130mm x 68mm
OF/HS/2599130mm x 50mm x 25mmQF/OO/2682241mm x 162mm x 70mm
OF/HS/2601130mm x 57mm x 17mmQI/BV/2681248mm x 168mm x 43mm
XF/ZQ/2601130mm x 80mm x 14mmOF/HS/2687249mm x 90mm x 70mm
XF/ZQ/2602130mm x 80mm x 30mmNJ/EM/2681 250mm x 50mm x 23mm
XF/ZQ/2603130mm x 80mm x 50mmKP/IB/2682253mm x 97mm x 20mm
OF/HS/2603130mm x 100mm x 52mmKP/IB/2683253mm x 97mm x 40mm
OF/HS/2602133mm x 65mm x 35mm NB/SM/2685 257mm x 167mm x 76mm
NB/SM/2605 137mm x 96mm x 35mmBH/BS/2686264mm x 152mm x 51mm
SP/TF/2610 138mm x 83mm x 27mm VM/US/2690 265mm x 175mm x 80mm
SP/TF/2615 138mm x 83mm x 40mmBH/BS/2691267mm x 157mm x 40mm
QF/OO/2616143mm x 83mm x 44mmDQ/DG/2693275mm x 50mm x 165mm
FV/SP/2620 143mm x 102mm x 38mmKP/IB/2686281mm x 132mm x 30mm
OF/HS/2621150mm x 50mm x 30mmMF/UU/2691 285mm x 170mm x 42mm
OF/HS/2617155mm x 110mm x 46mmOF/HS/2692286mm x 83mm x 35mm
TB/OM/2258157mm x 118mm x 39mm VM/US/2695 291mm x 263mm x 54mm
FR/VJ/2621 160mm x 145mm x 60mmOF/HS/2694297mm x 62mm x 35mm
QB/OE/2696310mm x 195mm x 140mm Tool Box
QI/BV/2697325mm x 215mm x 24mm
QI/BV/2698325mm x 215mm x 44mm
QI/BV/2699325mm x 215mm x 64mm
NB/SM/2700 330mm x 88mm x 39mm
FV/SP/2705 335mm x 100mm x 45mm
QF/OO/2706349mm x 241mm x 76mm
OF/HS/2707350mm x 148mm x 60mm
QM/BT/2326370mm x 170mm x 52mm
NB/SM/2710 370mm x 225mm x 26mm
OF/HS/2711375mm x 87mm x 80mm
OF/HS/2715425mm x 156mm x 47mm
MF/UU/2711 425mm x 312mm x 77mm
OF/HS/2712429mm x 150mm x 50mm
OF/HS/2719465mm x 220mm x 65mm



Foam Inserts

We can also supply custom inserts for all boxes withprofiled cavities made from a choice of different densityfoams from a range of colours or Vacformed plasticinserts also in various colours


Also available in Clear

Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
CF/DL/2705104mm x 54mm x 16mm
CF/DL/2710132mm x 82mm x 26mm


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