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Home »  Sewing Kit Boxes » SEWING KIT BOXES Square »  VIKING RANGE Hinged Lid, Click Shut, Lightweight


Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D) Product CodeSizes (Internal L x W x D)
NV/FM/208638mm x 28mm x 6mmDM/JD/2231142mm x 72mm x 25mm
NV/FM/208744mm x 29mm x 9mmMJ/DF/2230142mm x 86mm x 27mm
NV/FM/208844mm x 29mm x 20mmHB/SE/2231143mm x 79mm x 22mm
NV/FM/208950mm x 35mm x 12mmTF/NB/2230145mm x 77mm x 28mm
NV/FM/209050mm x 36mm x 29mmTF/NB/2231145mm x 85mm x 25mm
NV/FM/209150mm x 36mm x 50mmDM/JD/2231145mm x 90mm x 40mm
ZJ/XV/209250mm x 45mm x 7mmHB/SE/2232146mm x 91mm x 39mm
NV/FM/209250mm x 46mm x 27mmNU/NN/2235146mm x 106mm x 37mm
TF/NB/209351mm x 35mm x 8mmTF/NB/2236148mm x 98mm x 42mm
TF/NB/209451mm x 35mm x 11mmIF/OH/2236148mm x 110mm x 25mm
TF/NB/209551mm x 35mm x 15mmNU/NN/2240149mm x 56mm x 79mm
TF/NB/209651mm x 35mm x 18mmNU/NN/2245149mm x 56mm x 98mm
TF/NB/209751mm x 35mm x 22mmNU/NN/2250149mm x 102mm x 18mm
BD/PS/209352mm x 42.5mm x 27mmMJ/DF/2251150mm x 90mm x 27mm
CK/QM/209754mm x 30mm x 9.5mmSP/TF/2250150mm x 110mm x 50mm
CK/QM/209854mm x 35mm x 12mmHB/SE/2251151mm x 91mm x 26mm
CK/QM/209954mm x 35mm x 22.6mmWL/GT/2253151mm x 132mm x 26mm
MJ/DF/209354mm x 38mm x 5mmHS/JQ/2250153mm x 83mm x 24mm
MB/WB/706054mm x 42mm x 20mmTF/NB/2251153mm x 96mm x 28mm
EF/OU/209755mm x 40mm x 20mmMJ/DF/2252153mm x 106mm x 25mm
NV/FM/209456mm x 36mm x 29mmCP/DL/2252153mm x 106mm x 25mm
NV/FM/209556mm x 36mm x 50mmHB/SE/2249153mm x 106mm x 35mm
MJ/DF/209657mm x 20mm x 25mm HB/SE/2254153mm x 106mm x 45mm
QS/BC/209257mm x 30mm x 12mmNV/FM/2255154mm x 108mm x 22mm
NV/FM/207058mm x 46mm x 27mmHB/SE/2252155mm x 105mm x 25mm
ZJ/XV/209360mm x 58mm x 123mmMJ/DF/2256156mm x 106mm x 46mm
DM/JD/209361mm x 31mm x 8mmMJ/DF/2257156mm x 106mm x 84mm
IB/FH/209361mm x 31mm x 8mmHB/SE/2253158mm x 97mm x 28mm
NV/FM/209462mm x 36mm x 9mmNU/NN/2255159mm x121mm x 35mm
HS/JQ/209462mm x 36mm x 12mmNU/NN/2260160mm x 79mm x 95mm
NV/FM/209562mm x 41mm x 9mmJH/OF/2261160mm x 100mm x 30mm
NV/FM/209662mm x 41mm x 12mmIB/FH/2262160mm x 112mm x 28mm
HB/SE/209365mm x 45mm x 18mmNU/NN/2265164mm x 81mm x 62mm
IF/OH/209366mm x 56mm x 20mmQS/BC/2266164mm x 105mm x 25mm
MJ/DF/239467mm x 19mm x 25mmNU/NN/2270164mm x 106mm x 25mm
MJ/DF/239568mm x 45mm x 41mmUB/LQ/2271165mm x 57mm x 19mm
NV/FM/2396 68mm x 48mm x 12mmQM/BT/2272165mm x 112mm x 31mm
MJ/DF/239769mm x 41mm x 26mmTF/NB/2272166mm x 118mm x 30mm
MJ/DF/239870mm x 22mm x 7mmTF/NB/2272167mm x 102mm x 27mm
QS/BC/209470mm x 40mm x 15mmNU/NN/2275169mm x 82mm x 98mm
MJ/DF/239970mm x 47mm x 26mmNV/FM/2275170mm x 38mm x 27mm
MJ/DF/240072mm x 65mm x 25mmIF/OH/2276170mm x 44mm x 22mm
MJ/DF/240172mm x 65mm x 44mm NU/NN/2280170mm x 69mm x 79mm
HS/JQ/240174mm x 51mm x 17mmNU/NN/2285170mm x 70mm x 97mm
TF/NB/240174mm x 52mm x 12mmCK/QM/2281171mm x 81mm x 33mm
UF/LO/240174mm x 52mm x 18mmIV/JZ/2282171mm x 108mm x 71mm PP
MJ/DF/240275mm x 50mm x 33mmHB/SE/2286172mm x 82mm x 27mm
MJ/DF/240375mm x 50mm x 45mmGM/BN/2286174mm x 52mm x 25.4mm
MJ/DF/240475mm x 50mm x 50mmCP/DL/2286174mm x 83mm x 29mm
MJ/DF/240575mm x 50mm x 83mmJH/OF/2286175mm x 95mm x 30mm
HB/SE/2094 75mm x 51mm x 12mmHB/SE/2286175mm x 104mm x 41mm
MJ/DF/240675mm x 55mm x 40mmIF/OH/2286175mm x 105mm x 25mm
MJ/DF/240776mm x 50mm x 27mmHB/SE/2287175mm x 106mm x 20mm
IF/OH/209476mm x 60mm x 30mmTF/NB/2288176mm x 88mm x 29mm
NV/FM/240878mm x 42mm x 12mmNU/NN/2290178mm x 88mm x 78mm
NV/FM/240978mm x 42mm x 30mmNU/NN/2295178mm x 88mm x 113mm
NV/FM/241078mm x 48mm x 13mmMJ/DF/2295178mm x 103mm x 28mm
NV/FM/241178mm x 48mm x 20.5mmTI/DX/2295178mm x 126mm x 35mm
VO/JQ/209580mm x 37mm x 21mmMJ/DF/2296178mm x 133mm x 78mm
TF/NB/209880mm x 53mm x 17mmTJ/DI/2296178mm x 138mm x 48mm
HB/SE/2096 80mm x 54mm x 17mmHB/SE/2296180mm x 103mm x 28mm
WL/GT/209680mm x 54mm x 17mmIV/JZ/2296180mm x 70mm x 25mm PP
CP/DL/210086mm x 76mm x 17mmYJ/OZ/7855180mm x 110mm x 25mm
CP/DL/209986mm x 76mm x 22mmYJ/OZ/7856180mm x 110mm x 45mm
CP/DL/210086mm x 76mm x 33mmWL/GT/2296180mm x 114mm x 15mm
ZJ/XV/209780mm x 78mm x 10mmSP/TF/2296180mm x 130mm x 65mm
CK/QM/209682mm x 35mm x 22mmSP/TF/2297180mm x 135mm x 70mm
IF/OH/209682mm x 58mm x 19mmMJ/DF/2297183mm x 108mm x 30mm
WL/GT/209582mm x 62mm x 12mmTF/NB/2297183mm x 108mm x 32mm
KM/DM/209482mm x 63mm x 28mmMJ/DF/2298185mm x 90mm x 35mm
MJ/DF/209684mm x 33mm x 40mmKP/IB/2299185mm x 97mm x 40mm
QS/BC/209684mm x 50mm x 16mmNF/MN/2297185mm x 98mm x 33mm
NU/NN/209684mm x 76mm x 13mmCP/DL/2301185mm x 108mm x 10mm
CP/EF/209785mm x 56mm x 27mmCP/DL/2302185mm x 108mm x 18mm
NU/NN/209785mm x 68mm x 23mmCP/DL/2303185mm x 108mm x 48mm
HB/SE/2100 86mm x 76mm x 17mmWL/GT/2297185mm x 128mm x 18mm
HB/SE/2099 86mm x 76mm x 22mmIF/OH/2297185mm x 165mm x 35mm
WL/GT/209986mm x 76mm x 22mmNV/FM/2297187mm x 36mm x 24mm
MJ/DF/209986mm x 76mm x 29mmNV/FM/2298187mm x 36mm x 29.5mm
HB/SE/2101 86mm x 76mm x 33mmNV/FM/2299187mm x 36mm x 35mm
MJ/DF/2100 86mm x 76mm x 39mmHB/SE/2298188mm x 90mm x 29mm
MJ/DF/210186mm x 76mm x 62mmSP/TF/2298190mm x 80mm x 49mm
MJ/DF/210287mm x 36mm x 11mmBH/BS/2298190mm x 87mm x 17mm
KP/IB/210487mm x 67mm x 19mmCS/BD/2298190mm x 87mm x 17mm
IF/OH/210188mm x 62mm x 11mmEV/FS/2298190mm x 93mm x 25mm
NV/FM/210388mm x 63mm x 9mmEV/FS/2299190mm x 93mm x 43mm
BM/QI/2105 89mm x 57mm x 24mmSP/TF/2300190mm x 135mm x 60mm
HB/SE/2106 90mm x 51mm x 12mmNV/FM/2300191mm x 98mm x 75mm
WL/GT/210690mm x 51mm x 12mmIF/OH/2298191mm x 160mm x 48mm
MJ/DF/210690mm x 51mm x 20mmIV/JZ/2298192mm x 135mm x 14mm PP
HB/SE/210790mm x 51mm x 35mmIV/JZ/2299192mm x 135mm x 21mm PP
HB/SE/210890mm x 51mm x 51mmIV/JZ/2300192mm x 135mm x 35mm PP
WL/GT/210890mm x 51mm x 51mmHB/SE/2298193mm x 92mm x 30mm
HB/SE/210990mm x 51mm x 55mmMJ/DF/2299193mm x 92mm x 30mm
HF/ST/210990mm x 51mm x 55mmIF/OH/2296195mm x 72mm x 25mm
MJ/DF/210990mm x 51mm x 66mmYJ/OZ/7911196mm x 60mm x 45mm
HB/SE/2110 90mm x 51mm x 71mmHB/HH/2297196mm x 62mm x 28mm
HF/ST/211090mm x 51mm x 71mmTF/NB/2298196mm x 68mm x 29mm PP
MJ/DF/211090mm x 51mm x 86mmTF/NB/2298196mm x 98mm x 32mm
MJ/DF/211190mm x 51mm x 98mmMJ/DF/2301196mm x 136mm x 49mm
MJ/DF/211290mm x 51mm x 118mmNU/NN/2300199mm x 82mm x 25mm
TF/NB/211190mm x 52mm x 13mmHB/SE/2301199mm x 101mm x 18mm
UF/LO/211190mm x 65mm x 17mmHB/SE/2302199mm x 101mm x 28mm
IF/OH/211190mm x 60mm x 22mmCS/BD/2302200mm x 100mm x 23mm
WL/GT/211190mm x 62mm x 9mmSP/TF/2302200mm x 105mm x 80mm
SP/TF/211190mm x 70mm x 20mmQS/BC/2303200mm x 120mm x 27mm
WL/GT/211290mm x 60mm x 20mmMJ/DF/8914200mm x 150mm x 3mm
NU/NN/211190mm x 86mm x 17mmMJ/DF/8915200mm x 150mm x 20mm
IV/JZ/211291mm x 63mm x 20mm PPMJ/DF/8916200mm x 150mm x 37mm
QM/BT/211291mm x 66mm x 21mmQM/BT/2304202mm x 160mm x 46mm with Handle
QM/BT/211391mm x 66mm x 31mmHS/JQ/2303204mm x 83mm x 29mm
CP/YQ/210992mm x 59mm x 7mmHB/SE/2303205mm x 84mm x 30mm
BM/QI/2112 92mm x 32mm x 32mmMJ/DF/2304205mm x 95mm x 45mm
NV/FM/211392mm x 63mm x 8mmTF/NB/2305208mm x 88mm x 32mm
NV/FM/2114 94mm x 41mm x 11mmIV/JZ/2304210mm x 70mm x 25mm PP
VO/JQ/211694mm x 63mm x 45mmMJ/DF/2305210mm x 75mm x 50mm
IV/JZ/211794mm x 64mm x 23mm PPSP/TF/2304210mm x 130mm x 40mm
IV/JZ/211895mm x 65mm x 5mm PPCP/DL/2305210mm x 140mm x 42mm
IV/JZ/211995mm x 65mm x 11mm PPCP/DL/2316215mm x 145mm x 102mm
IF/OH/211696mm x 64mm x 14mmHB/HH/2307210mm x 158mm x 41mm
QS/BC/211697mm x 60mm x 18mmMB/GP/2308210mm x 163mm x 31mm
XI/XQ/211697mm x 68mm x 20mm WhiteNU/NN/2305212mm x 98mm x 45mm
MJ/DF/211698mm x 53mm x 40mmIB/FH/2305212mm x 108mm x 33mm
NV/FM/211799mm x 68mm x 13mmHB/SE/2306213mm x 109mm x 31mm
TV/OT/2117100mm x 25mm x 10mmJH/OF/2307213mm x 112mm x 40mm
ZJ/XV/2116100mm x 70mm x 15mmHB/SE/2307 214mm x 65mm x 42mm
NV/FM/2118100mm x 70mm x 30mmVT/QM/2308216mm x 108mm x 38mm
NV/FM/2119100mm x 70mm x 40mmTF/NB/2309218mm x 115mm x 35mm
VO/JQ/2117100mm x 75mm x 22mmCP/DL/7926218mm x 150mm x 40mm
MJ/DF/2120100mm x 75mm x 27mmYJ/OZ/7927219mm x 70mm x 48mm
GM/BN/2121101mm x 86mm x 13mmYJ/OZ/7928219mm x 70mm x 66mm
NU/NN/2150102mm x 51mm x 35mmMJ/DF/2308220mm x 130mm x 35mm
WL/GT/2121102mm x 65mm x 15mmMJ/DF/2309220mm x 130mm x 53mm
CP/EF/2122102mm x 65mm x 29mmMJ/DF/2310 220mm x 153mm x 25mm
IF/OH/2151102mm x 92mm x 23.5mmHB/SE/2308 220mm x 153mm x 35mm
IF/OH/2152103mm x 59mm x 44mmHB/SE/2309220mm x 153mm x 45mm
WL/GT/2152103mm x 69mm x 10mmHB/SE/2307220mm x 154mm x 25mm
SF/OG/2152103mm x 76mm x 15mmTF/NB/2307220mm x 158mm x 42mm PP
NV/FM/2153103mm x 85mm x 48mmMJ/DF/2307 221mm x 121mm x 35mm
NU/NN/2155103mm x 93mm x 30mmMJ/DF/2307221mm x 121mm x 55mm Black
NV/FM/2155105mm x 60mm x 25mmNF/MN/2308222mm x 123mm x 50mm
JH/OF/2156105mm x 66mm x 25mmWL/GT/2309224mm x 113mm x 18mm
MJ/DF/2157106mm x 75mm x 46mmCP/DL/2310224mm x 153mm x 25mm
MJ/DF/2158106mm x 75mm x 84mmQS/BC/2309225mm x 95mm x 84mm
IV/JZ/2158107mm x 71mm x 42mm PPMJ/DF/2309225mm x 150mm x 63mm
UF/LO/2401108mm x 83mm x 17mmMJ/DF/2311 225mm x 150mm x 89mm
MJ/DF/2159108mm x 85mm x 33mmIF/OH/2309225mm x 185mm x 58mm
NU/NN/2160110mm x 54mm x 32mmNV/FM/2312226mm x 108mm x 22mm
SP/TF/2161110mm x 55mm x 45mmMJ/DF/2313228mm x 157mm x 38mm
SP/TF/2162110mm x 90mm x 35mmNU/NN/2310229mm x 131mm x 52mm
EV/FS/2161111mm x 51mm x 19mmUF/LO/2313230mm x 127mm x 40mm
CP/DL/2118111mm x 51mm x 20mmUF/LO/2311230mm x 130mm x 22mm
HB/SE/2118111mm x 51mm x 20mmUF/LO/2312230mm x 130mm x 31mm
MJ/DF/2119111mm x 51mm x 31mmQS/BC/2312235mm x 140mm x 29mm
HB/SE/2120 111mm x 51mm x 35mmIF/OH/2313235mm x 234mm x 60mm
HB/SE/2125 111mm x 51mm x 51mmWL/GT/2313236mm x 147mm x 33mm
MJ/DF/2126111mm x 51mm x 61mmSP/TF/2313240mm x 200mm x 80mm
MJ/DF/2127111mm x 51mm x 93mmQS/BC/2314243mm x 90mm x 85mm
MJ/DF/7500111mm x 52.4mm x 11mmTF/NB/2315247mm x 167mm x 42mm
NU/NN/2165111mm x 54mm x 43mmMJ/DF/8916248mm x 42mm x 12mm
NU/NN/2170111mm x 55mm x 42mmBM/QI/2311 248mm x 92mm x 44mm
MJ/DF/2171111mm x 57mm x 18mmCP/DL/2312248mm x 158mm x 67mm
CP/DL/2172112mm x 53mm x 12mmNU/NN/2315249mm x 160mm x 51mm
NV/FM/2172112mm x 53mm x 12mmQM/BT/2305252mm x 152mm x 56mm
NU/NN/2175112mm x 55mm x 64mmNV/FM/2305252mm x 154mm x 21mm
TF/NB/2176112mm x 58mm x 21mmKP/IB/2303253mm x 97mm x 20mm
NU/NN/2180114mm x 81mm x 26mmKP/IB/2304253mm x 97mm x 40mm
CB/VE/2180115mm x 86mm x 22mmQM/BT/2306253mm x 170mm x 52mm with Handle
QS/BC/2181116mm x 75mm x 20mmCP/DL/2306254mm x 154mm x 53mm
IF/OH/2181118mm x 96mm x 15mmHM/FB/2307258mm x 103mm x 22mm
BH/BS/6626120mm x 75mm x 32mmWL/GT/2308258mm x 180mm x 28mm
SP/TF/2181120mm x 80mm x 55mm OvalNU/NN/2320260mm x 47mm x 53mm
QM/BT/2181120mm x 90mm x 30mm ILYSSP/TF/2321260mm x 100mm x 120mm
DM/JD/2181120mm x 92mm x 17mmHM/FB/2320260mm x 105mm x 24mm
HB/SE/2181120mm x 93mm x 17mmIF/OH/2320263mm x 130mm x 30mm
IL/VO/2181120mm x 98mm x 17mmIF/OH/2321263mm x 130mm x 43mm
HB/SE/2181121mm x 81mm x 17mmUP/OB/2321263mm x 152mm x 51mm
NU/NN/2185123mm x 52mm x 71mmBH/BS/2321264mm x 154mm x 38mm
IV/JZ/2185123mm x 83mm x 21mm PPQS/BC/2321265mm x 157mm x 31mm
KP/IB/2816123mm x 97mm x 20mmNF/MN/2321279mm x 171mm x 44mm
KP/IB/2817123mm x 97mm x 40mmIF/OH/2322280mm x 178mm x 60mm
MJ/DF/2185123mm x 107mm x 12mmKP/IB/2322281mm x 132mm x 30mm
HB/SE/2186123mm x 107mm x 23mmMJ/DF/2322 288mm x 157mm x 35mm
NF/MN/2187 124mm x 82mm x 28mmMJ/DF/2322288mm x 157mm 38mm
DM/JD/2186124mm x 107mm x 12mmMJ/DF/2323292mm x 160mm x 16mm
DM/JD/2187124mm x 107mm x 23mmMJ/DF/2324295mm x 175mm x 20mm Black
HB/SE/2188124mm x 108mm x 13mmMJ/DF/2325295mm x 175mm x 42mm Black
HB/SE/2189125mm x 74mm x 30mmSP/TF/2322300mm x 200mm x 75mm
SP/TF/2188125mm x 75mm x 25mmIF/OH/2323305mm x 230mm x 25mm A4
IF/OH/2189125mm x 96mm x 16mmIF/OH/2324305mm x 232mm x 23mm A4
TF/NB/2189125mm x 98mm x 18mmQM/BT/2322310mm x 105mm x 40mm
MJ/DF/2189125mm x 123mm x 23mmMJ/DF/2324310mm x 112mm x 45mm
MJ/DF/2190126mm x 59mm x 40mmQM/BT/2323310mm x 231mm x 38mm
UB/LQ/2189127mm x 86mm x 35mmWL/GT/2324312mm x 225m x 16mm
NU/NN/2190127mm x 104mm x 41mmIF/OH/2325313mm x 225mm x 25mm A4
TF/NB/2191128mm x 113mm x 23mmQM/BT/2324318mm x 240mm x 46mm
CP/DL/2190128mm x 124mm x 23mmJH/OF/2325320mm x 110mm x 45mm
HB/SE/2190128mm x 124mm x 23mmUF/EQ/2326324mm x 216mm x 54mm
TF/NB/2190128mm x 133mm x 25mmMJ/DF/2326325mm x 215mm x 24mm
MJ/DF/2191130mm x 80mm x 30mmMJ/DF/2327325mm x 215mm x 44mm
MJ/DF/2192130mm x 80mm x 50mmMJ/DF/2328325mm x 215mm x 64mm
UB/LQ/2191130mm x 100mm x 54mmWL/GT/2329325mm x 255mm x 52mm
NU/NN/2195133mm x 67mm x 44mmTU/FX/2321327mm x 95mm x 44mm
NU/NN/2200134mm x 67mm x 44mmTF/NB/2330327mm x 217mm x 27mm
NU/NN/2205135mm x 40mm x 20mmTF/NB/2331327mm x 217mm x 47mm
NU/NN/2210135mm x 67mm x 32mmTF/NB/2332327mm x 217mm x 67mm
QS/BC/2211136mm x 90mm x 22mmUF/EQ/2322333mm x 225mm x 49mm
NU/NN/2215137mm x 67mm x 93mmIF/OH/2326334mm x 235mm x 60mm A4
NV/FM/2212137mm x 72mm x 26mmQM/BT/2325362mm x 160mm x 46mm with Handle
EV/FS/2216138mm x 68mm x 24mmQM/BT/2326387mm x 105mm x 40mm
NU/NN/2220138mm x 68mm x 76mmJH/OF/2327 400mm x 110mm x 45mm
NU/NN/2225139mm x 66mm x 79mmQM/BT/2327413mm x 170mm x 52mm with Handle
MJ/DF/2226139mm x 84mm x 40mmQM/BT/2328422mm x 160mm x 46mm with Handle
NU/NN/2230141mm x 94mm x 19mm QM/BT/2329475mm x 170mm x 52mm with Handle


VO/JQ/2134FQ/MB/2140 FQ/MB/2145FQ/MB/2135FQ/MB/2150

Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
VO/JQ/2134 125mm x 75mm x 25mm
FQ/MB/2135 155mm x 70mm x 70mm
FQ/MB/2140 160mm x 110mm x 40mm
FQ/MB/2145 188mm x 140mm x 68mm
FQ/MB/2150 240mm x 180mm x 80mm


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