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Home »  Sample Storage » SAMPLE STORAGE BOXES Rectangular »  HANG UP RANGE Hinged and Slip Lid
Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D) Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
QM/BT/400031mm x 17mm x 8mmZJ/XV/405095mm x 56mm x 4mm
QM/BT/400531mm x 21mm x 4mmYJ/OZ/4055105mm x 45mm x 16mm
QB/OE/400640mm x 20mm x 55mmYJ/OZ/4056105mm x 45mm x 26mm
QM/BT/401040mm x 40mm x 20mmYJ/OZ/4057117mm x 43mm x 12mm
KV/OE/401040mm x 90mm x 145mmXJ/ML/4058123mm x 55mm x 18mm
IF/OH/401043mm x 90mm x 160mmXJ/ML/4059123mm x 55mm x 25mm
QB/OE/401150mm x 70mm x 30mmQM/BT/4060125mm x 65mm x 18mm
IF/OH/401350mm x 38mm x 280mmQM/BT/4065125mm x 65mm x 30mm
CK/QM/400654mm x 35mm x 12mmQM/BT/4070125mm x 65mm x 37mm
CK/QM/400754mm x 35mm x 22.6mmYJ/OZ/4071127mm x 74mm x 30mm
QB/OE/400855mm x 30mm x 75mmHB/SE/4075131mm x 60mm x 13mm
XJ/ML/401155mm x 38mm x 12mmXJ/ML/4075133mm x 50mm x 16mm
XJ/ML/401255mm x 38mm x 25mmXJ/ML/4077133mm x 50mm x 34mm
MJ/DF/401355mm x 40mm x 12mmYJ/OZ/4076133mm x 81mm x 23mm
IF/OH/401256mm x 39mm x 290mmYJ/OZ/4077135mm x 45mm x 16mm
TJ/DI/401162mm x 44mm x 21mm YJ/OZ/4080135mm x 45mm x 16mm
QB/OE/401265mm x 35mm x 90mmQM/BT/4085137mm x 52mm x 17mm
NP/TT/401565mm x 47mm x 15mmYJ/OZ/4090137mm x 90mm x 31mm
NP/TT/402565mm x 47mm x 30mmQM/BT/4095137mm x 52mm x 31mm
XJ/ML/402665mm x 50mm x 16mmYJ/OZ/4100140mm x 40mm x 18mm
XJ/ML/402765mm x 50mm x 36mmYJ/OZ/4105141mm x 43mm x 20mm
XJ/ML/402868mm x 49mm x 14mmYJ/OZ/4106145mm x 40mm x 18mm
XJ/ML/402968mm x 49mm x 31mmYJ/OZ/4107147mm x 100mm x 38mm
XJ/ML/403073mm x 38mm x 18mm YJ/OZ/4110148mm x 40mm x 18mm
XJ/ML/403173mm x 55mm x 11mmQM/BT/4115155mm x 60mm x 20mm
NP/TT/403073mm x 55mm x 16mmZJ/XV/4120155mm x 60mm x 20mm
XJ/ML/403273mm x 55mm x 18mmCK/QM/4116171mm x 81mm x 33mm
QM/BT/403573mm x 55mm x 20mmIF/OH/4121175mm x 75mm x 30mm
XJ/ML/403673mm x 55mm x 25mm FM/JO/4122180mm x 160mm x 60mm
NP/TT/404073mm x 55mm x 28mmIF/OH/4122186mm x 90mm x 45mm
HB/SE/404575mm x 60mm x 40mmQM/BT/4125195mm x 70mm x 35mm
NP/TT/404476mm x 44mm x 17mmQM/BT/4130245mm x 70mm x 35mm
MJ/DF/403781mm x 62mm x 21mmQM/BT/4135295mm x 70mm x 35mm
MJ/DF/403881mm x 62mm x 43mmQM/BT/4140315mm x 55mm x 22mm
CK/QM/404182mm x 35mm x 22mmQM/BT/2326370mm x 170mm x 52mm
MJ/DF/404584mm x 49mm x 12mm
HB/SE/404684mm x 50mm x 13mm
YJ/OZ/404890mm x 22mm x 160mm
IF/OH/404692mm x 68mm x 30mm
YJ/OZ/404793mm x 64mm x 25mm


Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
VM/US/4020 50mm x 40mm x 11mm
VM/US/4025 50mm x 40mm x 13mm
VM/US/4030 122mm x 82mm x 22mm
VM/US/4035 122mm x 82mm x 32mm
VM/US/4040 122mm x 82mm x 52mm

All these Boxes are available with:
  • A. Clear base with Clear slip lid, with or without euro-hanger
  • B. White base with Clear slip lid, with or without euro-hanger
  • C. White base with White slip lid

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