Churchill Range - Rectangular Hinged Lid Medium Duty

Rectangular Hinged Lid Medium Duty Churchill Range


Sizes are listed by their length, width and then depth.

All dimensions are internal.

size diagram

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  • 178mm x 83mm x 25.4mmProduct Code: CH-GM/BN/0001
  • 206mm x 105mm x 30mmProduct Code: CH-GM/BN/0002
  • 206mm x 105mm x 67mmProduct Code: CH-GM/BN/0003
  • 254mm x 108mm x 38mmProduct Code: CH-GM/BN/0004
  • 343mm x 146mm x 50mmProduct Code: CH-GM/BN/0005
  • 432mm x 181mm x 50mmProduct Code: CH-GM/BN/0006