EasyPack Range - Rectangular Hinged Lid

Rectangular Hinged Lid EasyPack Range


Sizes are listed by their length, width and then depth.

All dimensions are internal.

size diagram

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  • 34mm x 34mm x 8mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0001
  • 56mm x 42mm x 10mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0002
  • 68mm x 50mm x 13mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0003
  • 95mm x 70mm x 17mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0004
  • 115mm x 85mm x 26mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0005
  • 138mm x 102mm x 30mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0006
  • 150mm x 50mm x 30mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0007
  • 173mm x 135mm x 45mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0008
  • 246mm x 88mm x 20mmProduct Code: EP-SP/TF/0009