Lincoln Range - Square Hinged Lid

Square Hinged Lid Lincoln Range


Sizes are listed by their length, width and then depth.

All dimensions are internal.

size diagram

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  • 25mm x 25mm x 20mmProduct Code: LIN-NV/FM/0001
  • 26mm x 26mm x 10mmProduct Code: LIN-CF/DL/0002
  • 27mm x 27mm x 27mmProduct Code: LIN-BD/PS/0003
  • 34mm x 34mm x 13mmProduct Code: LIN-CF/DL/0004
  • 35mm x 35mm x 23mmProduct Code: LIN-HB/SE/0005
  • 38.5mm x 38.5mm x 16mmProduct Code: LIN-CF/DL/0006
  • 40mm x 40mm x 13mmProduct Code: LIN-UF/LO/0007
  • 48mm x 48mm x 29mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0008
  • 50mm x 50mm x 25mmProduct Code: LIN-NV/FM/0009
  • 51.5mm x 51.5mm x 19mmProduct Code: LIN-CF/DL/0010
  • 55mm x 55mm x 37mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0011
  • 57mm x 58mm x 22.5mmProduct Code: LIN-CF/DL/0012
  • 62mm x 62mm x 22mmProduct Code: LIN-HB/SE/0013
  • 73mm x 73mm x 28mmProduct Code: LIN-CP/DL/0014
  • 73mm x 73mm x 28mmProduct Code: LIN-MJ/DF/0015
  • 75mm x 75mm x 130mmProduct Code: LIN-HZ/TV/0016
  • 75mm x 75mm x 25mmProduct Code: LIN-HZ/TV/0017
  • 76
  • 5mm x 76
  • 5mm x 30.5mmProduct Code: LIN-CF/DL/0018
  • 80mm x 80mm x 80mmProduct Code: LIN-SP/TF/0019
  • 82mm x 82mm x 38mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0020
  • 82mm x 82mm x 46mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0021
  • 85mm x 85mm x 28mmProduct Code: LIN-HZ/TV/0022
  • 87mm x 87mm x 33mmProduct Code: LIN-HB/SE/0023
  • 96mm x 96mm x 69mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0024
  • 98mm x 98mm x 48mmProduct Code: LIN-TI/FO/0025
  • 100mm x 100mm x 120mmProduct Code: LIN-SP/TF/0026
  • 101mm x 101mm x 17mmProduct Code: LIN-NV/FM/0027
  • 101mm x 101mm x 25mmProduct Code: LIN-VT/QM/0028
  • 110mm x 110mm x 71mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0029
  • 112mm x 112mm x 30mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0030
  • 113mm x 113mm x 47mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0031
  • 113mm x 113mm x 72mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0032
  • 115mm x 115mm x 55mmProduct Code: LIN-MJ/DF/0033
  • 116mm x 116mm x 101mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0034
  • 116mm x 116mm x 69mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0035
  • 116mm x 116mm x 80mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0036
  • 120mm x 120mm x 28mmProduct Code: LIN-CP/DL/0037
  • 120mm x 120mm x 28mmProduct Code: LIN-MJ/DF/0038
  • 120mm x 120mm x 40mmProduct Code: LIN-IF/OH/0039
  • 125mm x 125mm x 23mmProduct Code: LIN-MJ/DF/0040
  • 126mm x 124mm x 23mmProduct Code: LIN-CP/DL/0041
  • 134mm x 134mm x 33mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0042
  • 134mm x 134mm x 49mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0043
  • 150mm x 150mm x 76mmProduct Code: LIN-NU/NN/0044
  • 158mm x 158mm x 54mmProduct Code: LIN-GM/BN/0045
  • 160mm x 160mm x 60mmProduct Code: LIN-SP/TF/0046
  • 165mm x 165mm x 45mmProduct Code: LIN-ZJ/XV/0047
  • 200mm x 200mm x 80mmProduct Code: LIN-SP/TF/0048
  • 333mm x 333mm x 44mmProduct Code: LIN-GM/BN/0049